Welcome to Leecor Cleaning Services.

Leecor Cleaning Services offers highly skilled, intense, outstanding cleaning skills and more than 30 years of experience and expertise within this industry.

The company has been established to provide you, the client, a higher level of management support and improved service levels where cost has traditionally often been the deciding factor in choosing a new service provider.

Our experienced management team and quality driven outlook ensures us to penetrate the market in the areas in which we operate. We understand that the client is priority and therefore we are committed to our service and undertake to study and understand the client’s specifications and ensure that our staff knows, understand and adhere to you, the client’s requirements in order to ensure excellent service and actions.

Part of our philosophy is to provide a superior cleaning service in that of reducing the effect on the environment while impacting positively on your business’s image. This public image is enhanced through responsible environmental behaviour and an interest in employee wellbeing. We recognise that our success depends on the people who represent us.

Our clients demand a meticulous service, which includes the introduction of chemicals into the environment. We customise our packages to suit our client’s needs whilst ensuring that the highest level of environmental sustainability is maintained.

We believe in a combined effort between our clients, ourselves, and our employees ensuring excellent communication and striving towards our goal of not just being the preferred service provider, but the best!

The key to success in our best business practice is quality of our people, quality of our partners and quality of our products and machinery!