About our company.

Our Vision:

Become the best preferred cleaning services company in our area of operations.

Our Mission:

  • Meet the expectations of our clients.
  • Have a positive impact with our clients as well as our employees.
  • Represent our clients.
  • Empower, involve and motivate our staff through training and development.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity, credibility and social responsibility.
  • Honesty in all our dealings.
  • Mutual Respect for all.
  • Customer Care at all times.
  • Transparency in our dealings.
  • Co-operation amongst our clients and business associates.

Our Services Include, but is not limited to:

Cleaning of Hospitals, Offices, Hospitality, Public areas that includes among:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Windows (High Cleaning)
  • Washing of Carpets
  • Gardening services
  • Laundry services
  • Strip and seal of floors

Health and safety:

All our employees will undergo an intensive induction programme at the beginning of the contract and on-going training will be recorded on staff training records which will be kept for perusal at our office.

We will:

  • Ensure that all our staff be trained in the Basic Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Report and record all accidents and incidents.
  • Issue our employees with the required Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Display all required safety signs / barriers.
  • Do a full Risk Assessment of your premises.

Self powered cleaning equipment will be fitted with warning beacons and overhead guards where appropriate.

Why Choose Leecor Cleaning Services as your Provider?

  • Excellent Service.
  • Expertise and Experience.
  • Track Record.
  • Health & Safety Practices.
  • Work strictly according to the Basic conditions of employment.
  • Pay our cleaners the wage rate as stipulated by the Minister of Labour in the Government Gazette
  • Our cleaners belong to a Provident Fund.
  • Our cleaners all receive a 13th cheque in December

We quote to carry out the work according to the specifications/levels discussed and agreed upon, not to win your business by reducing the number of cleaning hours and hence price.

  • We provide special trained staff for your site needs.
  • Increased off-site management time per contract.
  • We strive for long-term solutions, not quick fixes.
  • An excellent reputation for looking after our client’s needs.
  • Work strictly according to the Basic conditions of employment.
  • A Level 2 BEE Exempt Micro-enterprise. 30% black woman owned and 51% black owned in total.