Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Cleaners often run out of cleaning materials, how will Leecor ensure this is not the case?

A. Local experienced supervisors/managers do on site inspections, monitor stock levels, order stock, provide advice and training.

Q. How often will we see the service manager, we have been let down by other contract cleaning companies, not seeing the managers around.

A. We believe in client service therefore service managers will call on clients when doing on site inspections and be available when required.

Q. If I am not happy with the current cleaners, will you have to re-employ them if I award your company the contract?

A. All staff, if taken over, will be re-trained, supported and evaluated prior to any assessment being made whether they will be suitable to carry out the position efficiently and effectively. Leecor Cleaning Services will replace staff that produces a sub-standard performance having been given the necessary training and tools to provide an excellent standard of work within the applicable Labour Legislation. Our obligation is with you, our client and to the other members of the team.

Q. What formal procedures are in place to ensure a pro-active management service and efficient communication between the cleaners and the client?

A. An operational manual will be available on-site. All staff undergoes induction training. Disciplinary Codes and Procedures are in place and all hearings/CCMA cases will be handled by our associate House of Professional Consultants CC.

Q. Do you screen staff?

A. All our staff is reference checked work permits are checked against passports etc where applicable. Where required criminal checks are performed. Other on-site security measures include restricted area access, coats and bags stored in locker facilities if available, no cell-phones on duty etc.

Q. Will staff be uniformed?

A. Yes, they will be uniformed, we provide the uniform, PPE. Uniforms will carry the company logo and contact number. Where required Photographic ID badges will be issued.

Q. How will Leecor handle absenteeism?

A. Leecor has the required resources to deal with absenteeism. We have a comprehensive data base of possible replacement employees. Unscheduled absenteeism will also be dealt with according to the disciplinary code and procedures when required.